New socks. New traditions.

Monograms are all over the south.

Stickers, purses, polos, sweaters, coffee tumblrs.

When you grow up and change your name or decide to be called something more fitting for your identity, it can be natural and very fitting to push memories of things you saw growing up out of your mind.

Monograms were pushed out of my mind for a while. I thought I couldn’t have one on anything anymore.

I made fun of them. I scoffed at them, when all I really wanted was my own.

Reclaiming parts of your life can be liberating. So today, in full Rah fashion, I am reclaiming my monogram. Why? Because I survived.

Because I’m still here.

I’m proud of my name and I deserve a monogram.

in Washington, DC

Photo by Brianne Huntsman

Rah Foard is a trans photographer in Washington, DC. Born and raised in North Carolina, Rah has lived in The District for 8 years and performs wedding photography services for LGBTQ, trans and queer only couples.

Colorful and inclusive — their photos incorporate authentic moments between couples that deserve a photographer who understands their story.

For more information on booking Rah for your next celebration, elopement or wedding visit their website:

Snow Day Thoughts

There isn’t any photographer who picks up a camera once and takes an award winning photo. There isn’t one writer who sits down and writes a perfect movie script. There isn’t one teacher who wakes up and becomes the perfect less planner. …

Dress Like A Rah

Rah (they/them) is a Trans fashion blogger, photographer and filmmaker on the East Coast of the US. #DressLikEARah

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